Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Orphanage Visits - Strikes - Medical Team

I love Moises!!!!!!
Katie pulling out a tooth!!

Carrie assisting the Dentist above.
Dad singing with Little Beltron 
Precious Moises.

Last week there were 2 days where we had a strike.  That means that no transportation is running and the people put huge rocks in the middle of the street so no one can drive on the roads.  There is actually another one today which is National, for all of Peru.  They do this because of the water issues here in Peru.  The Peruvians don't want to have to pay for water for their crops and b/c of having to pay for water they are raising the price of their crops.  So on these days where there has been no transportation, we have been walking up to the orphanage for the day which is about an hour walk.  Dad and Katie have been enjoying playing with the babies and children and helping to feed them...etc.  Dad and Beltron seemed to bond, he loves to sing a long to any song and learn new songs!  I am really starting to become attached to little Moises.  If I had to adopt one, it would be him! ;)

This week Katie and I have been helping with a medical team who is here.  We have been going out to small villages about an hour outside of Cusco and giving them free medical and dental care.  It has been such a great experience being able to serve the people here who have no access to care like this.  It reminds me of the CMDA mission trips I would help with while living in San Antonio across the border in to Mexico.  I was helping to translate for the doctors and dentists and saw a lot of interesting things.  We prayed with some of the patients and it was really touching to see how these people live and how they look to God for their only strength when they have nothing else.  Katie and I also were able to assist the dentist... Katie even pulled a couple teeth!  (I got a little weak seeing all the blood... not sure if I would be able to do that - it's a good thing Katie is the nurse in the family!)  We are looking forward to continue helping with the medical team here on Thursday!!  

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