Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lots to catch up on...Dad and Kate's visitI

This is going to be a "to be continued..." entry b/c I am on my way out to help with a medical brigade for the week that is here for the week.  Katie and I assisted with the dentists yesterday and I helped to translate.  I want to go back to when Katie and Dad first arrived and fill you in on the activities when they first got here!  The second day they were here a Peruvian family invited us over for an early birthday dinner for me to prepare guinea pig for my birthday since my family was in town.  This is such a big honor here, and guinea pig is the best meat here in Cusco.  (funny huh?  some people have them as pets in the states...)  But we ate it and it was such a great experience spending time with this family.  I am so thankful for them and they are so hospitable!  The mother loves the USA and Israel.  She says she thinks they are God's chosen countries and prays for them everyday... she is such a blessing. 

The pictures are of their family outside of their house after lunch.  I love their little Dad.  He is so cute!!!  He loves to make me coffee when I come over b/c he knows I love it, and he makes it So good I don't even need to put creamer/milk in it!  Katie and I are holding the cuey (guinea pig) that we were about to eat.  I can't believe we ate it!!  It wasn't so bad.  It's really neat b/c their family has 4 kids also like mine and similar ages except for the youngest one.  The youngest girl, Frana is only 7.  More coming soon......

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!!!     

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