Friday, October 31, 2008

Crazy upcoming travel schedule....

I do love to travel! These next upcoming couple months are pretty crazy though! It's such a great time in my life to be able to travel like this! I am eating a couple breakfast tacos right now! I never knew what an actual "breakfast taco" was before I moved to San Antonio, but man they are soo delicious!! If you haven't tried one yet, you need to... although I'm not sure if you can find them anywhere as good as they make them in San Antonio. They are really good with guacamole on them too.. :) It is interesting being in a Mexican restaurant right now using the internet, rather than a coffee shop! I love hanging out in coffee shops, speaking of coffee shops... I may work part time at my favorite coffee shop here -- you know so I can learn how to make all the special drinks and open up my own coffee/music shop one day on the side!

Happy Halloween by the way! A couple of friends and I saw Sarah Palin at a halloween party this week... The picture is attached. ;)

Here is my upcoming travel schedule so yall can keep up with me while I'm on the go...
November 5 - 1st Wed. Worship Night
November 7-16 - Greenville (Martha and Laura's baby shower!!!!)
November 16-18 - Atlanta (MTW vision retreat)
November 21-22 - Gig in Dallas at a coffee shop (with Anetta Box on the guitar and a drummer)
November 26 - 30 - Greenville for Thanksgiving
December 12 - Shane and Shane concert!
December 19-20 - Gig in Houston (with Brandon Heath!! )
December 20 - 28 - Miami for Christmas
Dec. 31 - January 4 - Colorado Trip
January 16-18 - Pennsylvania for Nat's wedding
Peru .....??? :) This will be another journal entry.... :D!

What a fun time I have coming up!!

This morning I helped with the youth orchestra during sectionals with a cello player who is auditioning for regional orchestra! It was so much fun being on this side of the music program and helping the students and teaching them new things about the cello!!! I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to being a "cello consultant" with the Alamo Heights District Music Program! It is so neat to see how God is beginning to bring my passions and desires together to be able to use my talents daily in a way that brings Him glory!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Don't get comfortable...

As I ponder about where God has me right now in this season of life it is so comforting to know that God is right by my side through out each day.  It is so cool how God works!  God doesn't want us to get too comfortable where we are b/c then we will lose our dependence and reliance on him b/c we think we can do it all ourselves instead of needing God.  We may think we have a plan for our life and know where we will live and what we are going to do in life, but in just a minute God can change that and make it in to something even better that we never could have imagined!  God has such a perfect plan for our lives and I am continuing to trust Him each day for what he has for me.  

This past weekend I had the opportunity to hear Brandon Heath and Derek Webb in concert.  I got to talk with Brandon afterwards and introduce myself to him.  He was such a nice guy, I was very impressed by how much attention he gave to his fans.  One of my dreams is to tour around with an awesome Christian artist and play my cello.  As I have listened to Brandon's music his words have really spoken to me and I have thought of some amazing cello lines to some of his songs.  He mentioned playing with him in concert at his church in Houston on December 19th and 20th!  This would be such an amazing opportunity!  I would love to play with such an amazing musician/christian artist!  I guess we will see if he remembers!  Yall should check him out -- his music is amazing and such a blessing!  

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Love of Music...

Music really speaks to me...
I'm not sure if this is because I have grown up playing the cello and really have a love for music, but lately music has really been speaking to me. It's like I can almost feel the Lord right beside me, comforting me and using the words in songs to tell me what I need to hear at that moment. A song that has really spoken a lot to me over the past 6 months has been a Laura Story song.... The words go like this....

"You give and take away, for my good.
For who am I to say, what I need.
For you alone see the hidden parts of me,
that need to be stripped away.
And as you begin to refine,
I'm learning to let go and rely
on the One who walks with me,
as hard as it may be
you're teaching me all the while to say...
Bless the Lord, oh my soul.
All that's in me, Bless the Lord!"

The Lord is teaching me so many things about how to rely on Him for my total satisfaction and joy in life. He is the only one who will truly satisfy us. We may run to other things to try to fill us up, but ultimately God is the only one who really can fulfill that void inside of us. I am really learning to trust God for the unknown and to be content in where God has me at this time. What an exciting time!