Sunday, May 10, 2009

Guinea Pig and Food cooked in a hole in the ground?

I tried Guinea Pig today and I actually liked it!!!  After church I went out to Tipon which is a little town further out about 20-30 more minutes with a group of people.  They were having a special meal where they cook all the meat - the beef, chicken, potatoes, corn down in a hole in the ground with hot coals and it's like a natural oven in the ground.  They cooked the guinea pigs in the oven and it was actually really good!!!  I never thought I would say I like Guinea Pig but the flavor was really smokey and good!  I love trying new foods!  These are a couple pictures of the food that was cooked down in the hole and the guinea pigs after they cooked them in the oven.  Not really sure what type of meat this is that I was holding... It was pretty good though! 


Kurt said...

Nice! Gotta love trying new food. Haha.

Cate Raff said...

You are so my hero.