Saturday, May 9, 2009

Absolutely lovin' Peru!! Happy Mother's Day Mom! :)

I am absolutely loving life in Peru!  The weeks fly by here!!  I have some good news about the cellos that La Salle ordered from Lima --  they should be in the beginning of this next week so I will be able to start teaching there very soon!  I am so thankful to be able to have the flexibility and freedom in order to get plugged in where I am led here and help with a variety of ministries here!  I am also really enjoying playing with the English Church that meets downtown on Sunday evenings!  Playing soccer with the boys from the orphanage every Friday afternoon is also so much fun!  They love this time of being able to run around outside and just have a great time!  I am really enjoying getting to know the kids from this orphanage, La Arca and the family that runs it.  

The bible study that I am doing with several of the older girls from this orphanage and from a few from the church is going so well!  This week we are going to start the book we decided on, Authentic Beauty.  Some of the girls had already translated it, so we will do it in spanish!  One of the girls from the orphanage who is in the bible study is having her quincinera next Friday!  This is like a sweet 16 birthday party except for when they turn 15 here.  It is a really huge deal here!  ALmost like a wedding!  She is inviting over 120 people and they just dance, talk, eat and do the traditional things there.  She asked me to be one of her "pases" which is one of her closest 15 girls who wears a special dress and holds flowers... not exactley sure how this works but it is kind of like a bridesmaid.  It will be really neat b/c this is the day my dad and sis katie get in so they are invited as well!  It will be neat to experience this with them here!  I'm so excited about them coming and showing them around here and the ministries I have been involved with here.  I am also so excited about going to Machu Picchu with them here!!

Last night I met up with a friend from Clemson, Micheal who is doing YWAM and coming through Cusco for the day.  It was so great to be able to hear about what he is doing with YWAM and what all he is learning.  So encouraging hearing from others who have similar views on missions and are passionate about similar things!

Today I am going to the Mother's Day Brunch at a tea house downtown with many of the ladies from all the different missions organizations here in Cusco.  It will be a nice time.   Wish my Mom could be here for it b/c I know how much she absolutely LOVES tea houses.  But I'm so glad that she is able to be with Laura and Trev and baby Lily Kate -- and Dad and Katie also in San Diego!!

One of my favorite quotes is.... "The world is a book and those who don't travel read only one page." -St. Augustine  I think this is soo true!  There are so many amazing things in this world and SO much to experience!  Why not experience as much as we possibly can in this world and enjoy all of what God created.  I feel like the more I travel and experience different cultures the more I really begin to understand about God and His love for us.

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