Thursday, April 9, 2009

More music opportunities, peruvian bible study, orphans, being sick is no fun....

Girl's Bible Study at my Apt.                                        

It is hard to not have favorites at the orphanage.  The picture above is Beltron, and I love him so much!!  He will never be able to walk and has cataraks. (sp?)  

I hope you all are doing well!!  I am finally getting around to feeling 100% better.  I'm not sure what I had or what I ate, but definitely was having stomach trouble for about 4 days.  I am sooo glad I am feeling better.  It is so hard to be stuck inside and not feeling well when there are so many things I could be doing!  We can't drink the water here, so you never know if somehow something I ate was washed with the dirty water or what?  And also all fruits and vegetables I buy in the market have to be soaked in clorox to kill the germs and bacteria.  Basically everywhere you go you have to be very careful what you eat, so it could have been anything...

Yesterday I met the director of the Cusco Chorus here.  He is probably about 50 and wants me to teach him cello!  He had called the other cello teacher, Sergio, here in Cusco to see if he could teach him and to see if he would be able to teach cello to the students at a "colegio" downtown, which is a middle school.  Sergio is too busy with students at the suzuki school here so he referred me to him.  I met with him yesterday and it sounds like I really neat idea!!  This is something he has wanted to do for years, but their has never been cello teachers here or money in their budget to buy cellos and ship them from Lima since they don't sell cellos here.  The plan is for them to buy 6-8 cellos next week and I will begin giving lessons each week and a group lesson for all the students each week.  I can not believe how God is making this happen!  I am so excited I get to be a part of teaching these children how to play the cello, something that is so special to me.  I'm sure it will be a challenge teaching in Spanish!!

Last night I led our first Peruvian Bible Study here at my apartment.  I was so thankful for how well it went and what a special time it was.  We had hot tea and baked chocolate chip cookies! :) There were a total of 6 girls and the age ranged from age 13 to age 19.  My room-mate, Katy who is 17, 3 girls from la Arca orphanage, and 2 girls from the church Buen Pastor.  One of the girls, Gabi who is 14 and has been at the orphanage for 9 years now has always wanted to play the cello and when she found out I played got so excited.  She is hoping to get a cello for her birthday in May and I will hopefully be able to teach her.  I would love to help give her a cello for her birthday!  Each of these girls have such a hard past, especially 2 of the girls from the orphanage.  We were able to go around and tell a little bit able ourselves, what we like to do, a little bit about their past and family history, and how and when they became a christian.  It was such a joy to hear about these girl's lives and to pray together with them.  They really have such a heart from the Lord and are really seeking him.  I'm so thankful I get to invest in to these girl's lives while I am here.  It is tough to talk about such deep things in Spanish, but I am continuing to learn and one of the girls from La Arca is American (her family is the one who started the orphanage)  so she is able to help translate some of the harder words.  I really want to love these girls and show them there is hope and how much the Lord loves them.  It is a hard situation for some of these girls having parents who didn't want them and dropped them off at the orphanage.  Please pray that I will be able to show these girls the hope they have in Jesus Christ.  

Th picture above are some of the girls in the bible study that we took at the end!  This is the loft in my apartment!

I hope you all have a nice Easter!  I will miss not being with my family in Miami this Easter visiting baby Grayson! :)  Love to you from Peru!

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Laura Grant said...

Sounds like you are doing great Carrie! I am so proud of you. We will miss you over this Easter holiday, but have fun where you are and enjoy it. Love you and miss you!