Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm in the Cusco Magazine??
Ano 2 N. 4 -2009

Yes, so some friends just told me that they saw my picture in the "Cusco Social" Magazine??  How crazy is that!  I'm here doing missions and within the first month I'm in the magazine?  This is what happened... the second week I was here I went to the very first Cusco Symphony concert here in Cusco.  After the concert a girl asked if she could take my picture and I said... ummm for what?  She said for an article and I said ok.  I told her that I was going to be playing the cello in the symphony.  I had no idea they were actually going to publish the picture.  I thought this was quite funny and wanted to share it with you...  Here is the cover of the magazine and the page where my picture is...  

On this holiday here in Cusco, Good Friday, during the week of Semana Santa... Katy (my roomie) and I hiked up one of the mountains here to the cross at 6 a.m. this morning.  It was a great hike - quite hard b/c of the altitude but worth it!  It was such a great reminder of what Jesus has done for us!!  I think Easter really is one of the most important holidays!  Pictures will be posted to album!

Happy Easter! :) 

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dontbesassy said...

Man, i've been here for 7 months and have 7 weeks and your photo is in the magazine!

And Paul says without the ressurection of Jesus our faith is futile and we are to be pitied above all I would say Easter is important :) and dang, i could say that much better in english that i could at girls club the other day!