Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fun Day Saturday... Salt mines and Moray Ruins

Gotta have a little bit of fun!  It is easy for me to get so busy and always on the go here, but it is important to have some time to myself and
rest and explore!  Yesterday was just an absolutely beautiful day!!  My friend Lauren, roomie Katy, and I went on a little road trip to the Salt Mines, Salineras and the Inca Ruins, Moray.  As we were driving out I could not believe the beauty of the mountains!  It is absolutely beautiful here and just breathtaking!  As we were driving I saw this field in the picture with all of the mountains in the background and asked him to stop so I could run out to the middle of the field!!  I am jumping for joy here... :) haha  The first picture is of me walking down to the salt mines, las salineras.  These are natural salt mines where Cusco gets their salt from.  It was so neat to see!!  I tried a little piece and boy was it salty!  Then the next picture is of us three at the Inca Ruins, Moray.  The Incans used this area to bring their crops in order to find the best level of sun, shade, and elevation.  They were watered by a complex irrigation system.  This was such a great day and I am looking forward to spending more days and exploring the many more beautiful areas within South America!  

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