Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cusco Video.

I had the best time this past week and wkd -- finally meeting my precious niece, Lily-Kate, in San Diego and spending the week there with Laura and Trevor! What a beautiful and fun city to live in... 70s in January... can't beat that! Lily is at such a fun age, always smiling and we have a special bond :) I love being an aunt -- I think my name will be "Tia" for her and Grayson!! I spent the wkd on the way out there in San Antonio visiting great friends and my supporters. I spoke at my church there, Redeemer, and gave a quick update and showed the slideshow video I made at a get together we had at my friend Ashley's house. It was so fun being back there and I felt so at home! I have such a special group of friends there -- and am so thankful for them!

So, now that I've showed the video to most of my supporters I will add it here!

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