Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Long over-due for an update!!

I am so sorry I have gotten so far behind on my blogging!  It looks like at this rate I am writing one entry for every month.  It is just crazy how fast time is going and how busy it has been here with the summer teams coming and going!  This month we had a team come from Chattanooga, 1st Pres and also PCPC from Dallas, TX.  I worked a lot with the team from Chattanooga interpreting for the doctors!  We set up a medical clinic over in the Sacred Valley and saw over 1,300 patients during this week.  We set up an eye clinic and fitted over 200 with prescription glasses and who knows how many with reading glasses!  This was a busy busy week - but so fun working with them and getting to know them!  I just love meeting the people who come in and out of Cusco!

It has been hard missing out on family reunions, friends and family's weddings, and special things.... but I am completely content here and you can't be 2 places at once.  I did get to experience a Peruvian wedding a couple weeks ago.  My friend who is a nurse at the clinic here, Yasmine got married to Wilber!  (Yasmine is Lucy's neice who is married to Dwight Mangum from MRPC)  It was quite an experience!  Let's just say I am use to going to weddings 30 minutes early to hear the music....  Well, I got there early and the wedding didn't end up starting until an hour and a half late.  (I tell ya, the Latin Americans have NO concept of time!)

Last night I took my roommate Katy out for her birthday dinner to a yummy restaurant downtown, Jacks!  Afterwards I took her to my favorite salsa dancing place for a little bit!  She has been so sweet to live with and has such a sweet heart!

I have continued staying busy with my normal routine activities.  I don't know how I'm going to leave these kids at the orphanage.  I just love them so much!  Next week our team will be having a little planning retreat!  I think this will be a great way to help bring unity to our team!

I am really praying about my next step.  I have a few options that I am really praying about and looking to God for direction and clarity on which one to do!  I know God will make it clear when the time is right.  I love being about to trust God in situations that He is the only one you can look to!  It's scary at times.... but really builds faith!

(Picture of Yasmine's wedding and translating with "Doctor Esteban and Seniorita Cahhhhhrie" haha)

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