Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Peruvian Cooking & It is such a small world & Cusco Day

Today is CUSCO DAY!!!!  There are going to be crowds of people downtown and they are having a huge processional up to the ruins, Sacqusee Whauman. (sp??)  It is a big holiday here and practically this whole month of June has had all sorts of parades, processionals, dancing, crowds....and tons of tourists!  Last Saturday night they had huge fireworks down at the Plaza and a concert -- the Plaza de Armas was packed with thousands of people.  I guess it's kind of like our 4th of July!  This week I have practice everyday for the symphony because we are having a big concert on Friday at 7 at the main concert hall downtown, Teatro Municipal.  I have a feeling it is going to be PACKED b/c it is a free concert and the word is really getting out.  It's really fun b/c we are playing all Cusco Music - so it is very different than the symphony concerts I am use to playing (Bach and Mozart....)

Monday night I had over the 2 nurses who work at the clinic, Jasmin and Nancy to teach me how to cook a Peruvian dish.  I think we are going to start doing this every Monday.  We cooked Lomo Saltado...and it was delicious!!! :)  I think next on our list is Papa Rellena and Causa.  I'm excited about learning to make more Peruvian dishes.  It's so fun!!

I am really looking forward to my friend Kim visiting me here this weekend!  When I studied abroad in Spain, she was there for a year doing mission work.  She just graduated from PT School so is traveling around South America for a few weeks with a friend and coming to stay with me this weekend.  It is so neat how we over-lapped in Spain and now Peru!  We've actually never met in the United States... only in other countries! :)  I did a Bible Study with her and she was sort of my mentor while I was there.  It is so neat how God crosses our paths with different people! 

It has also been SO crazy how many people I've ran in to here that I know and are just coming through Cusco or are here on a short term mission trip and we have mutual friends.  I have a had a couple friends come through who I met downtown for dinner and last week my dear friend Janice's cousin and husband were here working at the clinic for a week.  It was so fun to get to know them!  This week there is a small team here from SC and one of the lady's goes to the church that Janice went to when she was working at PC.  It is just so fun running in to people and making all sorts of connections!  I'm really excited about my team coming down from Redeemer in San Antonio and working with them.  We will be in the orphanage a lot that week -- thankfully little Fabricio is over Typhoid now!

I hope you all are enjoying the hot summer sun while it is mid-winter here!! :)  During the days it is absolutely gorgeous - sunny and warm... just a bit chilly at night!


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