Monday, March 16, 2009

God always provides...

More and More the Lord continues to show me that he is faithful and provides for his children!  I know there will be times here and in life that are hard and we are called to suffer b/c Jesus suffered for us.  But even though we are going to encounter hard time and trials in life the Lord is faithful and provides for what we need.  When we are seeking him we are able to experience his Joy, Peace, and Love!  The poverty here is everywhere, but even though these people hardly have anything they still experience so much joy and love!  We have so many things in America that we don't need and take for granted.  These 2 boys I ran in to on a walk that I went on yesterday with my Peruvian roommate Cati.  Aren't they adorable?

Friday night I went to the first Cusco Symphony concert that they have ever had here in Cusco!  It was so neat to experience this concert in such a different culture.  This is a new thing to Cusco so they will be having a concert every Friday in different parts of Cusco to get their name out.  I spoke with the conductor afterwards and he is really excited about me playing with them!  It is such an answer to prayer b/c I told him that I was going to order a cello from Lima and have it shipped here since they don't have any cellos here in Cusco, but he said there is 1 cello the government bought for the Symphony to have and said I could borrow it for now.  God is so good!!  Last night was youth group so since I had a cello I was able to play with the praise band!  They played many songs that I was familiar with except in Spanish!  I am so thankful to be able to use this gift of music here in Cusco.  Many of the youth had never seen a cello before or knew what it was.  

This morning I went up in to the mountains to help teach Bible class to a school.  I helped with the younger kids about ages 5-8.  They were so fun!  We told the story about Adam and Eve, played some games, and colored.  I have many more pictures and will add them to the album on facebook!  What a joy it is to love these kids!!  The second picture is playing with the kids after class.  Thank you all for your encouragement!!!  

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