Monday, October 27, 2008

Don't get comfortable...

As I ponder about where God has me right now in this season of life it is so comforting to know that God is right by my side through out each day.  It is so cool how God works!  God doesn't want us to get too comfortable where we are b/c then we will lose our dependence and reliance on him b/c we think we can do it all ourselves instead of needing God.  We may think we have a plan for our life and know where we will live and what we are going to do in life, but in just a minute God can change that and make it in to something even better that we never could have imagined!  God has such a perfect plan for our lives and I am continuing to trust Him each day for what he has for me.  

This past weekend I had the opportunity to hear Brandon Heath and Derek Webb in concert.  I got to talk with Brandon afterwards and introduce myself to him.  He was such a nice guy, I was very impressed by how much attention he gave to his fans.  One of my dreams is to tour around with an awesome Christian artist and play my cello.  As I have listened to Brandon's music his words have really spoken to me and I have thought of some amazing cello lines to some of his songs.  He mentioned playing with him in concert at his church in Houston on December 19th and 20th!  This would be such an amazing opportunity!  I would love to play with such an amazing musician/christian artist!  I guess we will see if he remembers!  Yall should check him out -- his music is amazing and such a blessing!  

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