Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Reflection .... Adjustment .... What's next ?? ....

I have now been back in the USA for about a week now. I first flew in to Miami and got to spend some great time with my sister Martha and precious niece, Grayson. I had so much fun playing with her and holding her! She is 9 months.... such a FUN age, beginning to say a few words and laughing a lot! :) I have been back in Greenville for a few days now and I just can't get over being able to drink water from tap and being able to throw my toilet paper in the toilet! ;) haha The things we take for granted! It has really hit me these past few days how much we have here in the States and how comfortable life is. For some reason I feel like life is too normal here, I just love new cultures and adventures! It has been great to be with my family, but a part of me isn't sure if I am ready to be back in the states. In a way I just feel so much more needed in Peru.... I feel like God was able to use all of the things I was passionate about - Music (cello), relationship building, encouragment, spanish, ministry .... I would LOVE to find something where I am able to use all of these things!

I am still praying about the option of returning to Cusco and working with the Meeting Place ministry in downtown Cusco and being the worship leader. I am also open to other missions opportunities to other Spanish speaking countries and other opportunities that may come up within the next few weeks. Please pray for God to make clear what He wants me to do next. This "waiting" period of seeking God and listening is a hard place for me to be in. I always want to be doing something, being productive, and making a difference -- So to have a downtime of not really being sure of what the next step is, is a really hard place for me to be in. I really want to enjoy this time that I have and be content where I am instead of worrying about what is next. Please pray that I will enjoy this time and I know that in God's perfect timing He will show me what is next!

Thanks for all of you who have been following! I will try to continue blogging as God continues to lead me along the journey He has for me!

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